About Us

A Brief History of Our Church

Elyria Church

The first Christian Science service held in Elyria, Ohio occurred on October 9, 1898, at a home on Broad Street.  On October 30, 1901, the State of Ohio issued a charter to First Church of Christ, Scientist, Elyria.  On January 25, 1907, the church purchased the property at 309 East Avenue, a large residence.  Work on remodeling the house began with the contractor making a perfect cut in the center of the structure and moving the two sections apart, leaving the remaining space for a planned auditorium with domed ceiling.  The first service in the new location was held on December 8 of that year.  In 1932, during the Great Depression, a Holtkamp-Votteler-Sparling pipe organ was commissioned through the generosity of a church member.  Work on preparing the building and the construction and installation of the organ were completed in 1934.

Lorain Church

In 1900, Harry and Mae Worden were sent to Lorain, Ohio by The Mother Church (Boston) to organize a Christian Science church.  From 1900 until 1923 services were held at five various rental locations until, in February 1923, the site at 600 W. Erie Avenue was acquired for the First Church of Christ, Scientist, Lorain.  It served until 1959, when 6.63 acres located at 2203 Meister Road were purchased.  Groundbreaking for the new church took place on August 9, 1959.  The first service was held on July 6, 1960, with the dedication service taking place on Sunday, June 29, 1975.

Combined Congregations

In February 1993, the two branch churches voted to merge.  Both sites were offered for sale in the understanding that whichever sold first, the remaining edifice would serve as the home for both congregations until it also was sold and a new structure could be built.  Since the Lorain building was the first to be sold and the one in Elyria was over eighty years old and in need of extensive repairs, the members voted to demolish the Elyria structure and rebuild on the same site.  But the architect, noting the historic significance of the building, urged the congregation to instead remodel and restore it.  The members voted to accept his suggestion, to better serve the needs of the congregation and the community as First Church of Christ, Scientist, Elyria-Lorain.

Our Sunday School has grown significantly since the merger, with an average of twenty-five pupils each week.  A youth group, named the KeyWay Club, exists to offer spiritually-based social activities for our young people.